is specialised in embedded low power radio solutions based on SRD modules for the available ISM bands. At present we are the representative of Radiometrix Ltd, Circuit Design, Inc. and STE s.a.s. products in the Benelux area.

is gespecialiseerd in het leveren van embedded laagvermogen radio oplossingen op basis van SRD modules voor de diverse beschikbare ISM banden. Momenteel vertegenwoordigen wij de Radiometrix Ltd, Circuit Design Inc. en STE s.a.s. productlijnen in de Benelux.


The NTX2 transmitter and NRX2 receiver offer a low power, reliable data link in a Radiometrix SIL standard pin out and foot print. This makes the NTX2/NRX2 pair ideally suited to those low power applications where existing single frequency wideband UHF modules have insufficient range.

TX3A/RX3A-869-64 & TX3A/RX3A-914-64

The TX3A and RX3A are miniature UHF radio transmitter & receiver modules designed for PCB mounting. They allow the simple implementation of data links at speeds up to 64kb/s and distances upto 30m in-building or 120m over open ground.

Available for operation in the 868-870MHz band in Europe and the 902928MHz band in North America, both modules combine full screening with internal filtering to ensure EMC compliance by minimising spurious radiation and susceptibility. The TX3A & RX3A will suit one to-one and multi-node wireless links in such applications as car and building security, EPOS and inventory tracking, remote industrial process monitoring and data networks. Because of their small size and low power requirements, both modules are ideal for use in portable, battery-powered applications such as hand-held terminals.


The embedded low power radio modem MU-1 is a radio modem for transmission of serial data. Using a simple system of commands, the user can concentrate on designing the transmitting and receiving protocols for the data using the commands, without needing to be aware of the radio component control.
By using a UART interface for transmitting and receiving data and for issuing commands, it is possible for the user to develop systems quickly.
The MU-1 meets the requirements of the European R&TTE Directive and carries the CE mark.


The CDP-TX-04S is a low power narrow band radio module for wireless communication operating in the European 869MHz and 434MHz ISM bands. It was developed for use of battery powered mobile applications that requires longer operation range. The size of the module is less half of a conventional transmitter module.

The CDP-RX-03AS UHF FM-narrow band receiver is developed to cover a band plan of ERC Recommendation on Short Range Device ( SRD ) in the range of 868-870MHz and 433-434MHz ISM band. The receiver design is based on the double Super-heterodyne principle with PLL control, enabling high signal sensitivity, high selectivity, and high frequency stability which are not acheived by simple SAW resonators or other low costdesigns.


The BK48L3P data TRx modules are designed specifically for OEMs to embed them in their 3 Volts or 5 Volts systems: they are very low cost, but effective in data exchange at relatively high data rates (to 9600 baud) with minimum power consumption (300uA in RX mode at 3VDC) ideal for battery operated products.


The BK18 transceiver module, operating on the ISM bands prescribed for license exempt applications (LPD), is recognized as the ideal solution for wireless data transmission, wireless alarms, telemetry and many other wireless applications. The BK18 is easily directly interfaced to microprocessors and operates at very low current consumption. Besides the BK18 is equipped by a proprietary data demodulation system insensitive to the DATA's mean value and can use the "Manchester" coding as well as the microprocessor's serial port at 38,4 KBaud (64 KBaud on request).It is just necessary to consider T-R commutation timing and send data with a preamble some milliseconds long, to stabilize the receiving level.